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Fox News Sued Again for Sexual Harassment by Former Head Roger Ailes



The former head of Fox News, Roger Ailes, finds himself in the headlines again as yet another lawsuit featuring accusations of sexual harassment against Ailes has been filed against his former employer.  In the latest chapter of the long-running saga of allegations of sexual harassment against Mr. Ailes, Lidia Curanaj, a former local news anchor at the Fox 5 affiliate television station in New York, filed a lawsuit against the parent corporation of Fox News, 21st Century Fox on December 13.  Her lawsuit is based on Mr. Ailes’s behavior when she interviewed for a job at Fox News.  The lawsuit  claims Mr. Ailes sexually harassed her when she unsuccessfully applied for a position with the Fox News network in 2012.

The Newest Lawsuit and The Allegations against Mr. Ailes

According to a report from the New York Times, Ms. Curanaj’s lawsuit alleges that Mr. Ailes asked her to stand up and turn around so that he could “get a look at her from behind” during her in-person interview with him.  Mr. Ailes allegedly told Ms. Curanaj that he “liked what he saw” and she left the interview expecting a job offer.  Even more disturbingly, the lawsuit alleges that Ms. Curanaj and a New York state senator she was dating at the time had dinner with Mr. Ailes several months prior to her interview.  After the dinner, Ms. Curanaj’s lawsuit alleges that Mr. Ailes called the state senator to ask him detailed questions about his sexual interactions with Ms. Curanaj. The complaint in the lawsuit further alleges that Mr. Ailes chose not to hire her in part because the state senator expressed doubts that she would agree to pursue a sexual relationship with Mr. Ailes if hired.   In the suit, Ms. Curanaj also claims that she has been subject to persistent discrimination and retaliation during her time at Fox 5 because of her age, sex, disability, appearance and nationality, including reductions in her hours and less pay after she informed her supervisors she was pregnant.

Mr. Ailes’s and Fox’s Previous Legal Troubles

Mr. Ailes was previously ousted as the head of Fox News after nearly twenty years running the company.  A lawsuit filed by former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson in May of this year alleged that she had been propositioned for sexual favors by Mr. Ailes numerous times in connection with his decision to renew her contract.  As part of the internal investigation, 20 women came forward and told the lawyers conducting the investigation that Mr. Ailes had sexually harassed them. Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, considered one of Fox News’s top stars, also told investigators that she too had been the victim of sexual harassment by Mr. Ailes.

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